If there is one room in the house to go big on, this is it. At Emerson Grace Design, we believe that your powder room is your place to shine. First, it’s typically a small space (it is usually a half bath or a guest bath) so using more expensive design finishes won’t break the bank and second, powder room design can stand on its own and at the same time push your design boundaries. What’s more, it is estimated that people spend nearly two and a half years in their bathroom, so make it beautiful and enjoyable! That’s why we like to turn up the design volume. Keep reading for powder bath ideas.

In this post, we will cover the ins-and-outs of designing a powder room.

  1. The Style and Feel it Can Give
  2. Styles to Consider
  3. Rules to Break
  4. Lighting

The Style and Feel of a Powder Room

When designing a powder room remember the space should be fun and set a mood for your guests. Use the design to tell your guests something unusual or unknown about you; your personality, hobbies, interests or experiences. A powder bathroom is a great place to add colorful wallpaper to highlight a theme and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Styles to Consider

Designing a powder room on your own that epitomizes the latest in finishes and design can be challenging. That’s why if you want innovative design, it’s best to use an interior designer for your project. Designers have access to all the latest finishes and experience to boot, so hiring a designer will allow you to design a room that will be luxurious, current, playful or just plain fun, whatever your goal is. Here are some powder bath design stats: top design choice is contemporary (27.56%), the most popular color is brown (39.3%), and flat panel cabinets rank #1 (52.05%). 

A Few Additional Tips for Designing a Powder Room: Before you officially settle on your powder room design, you will want to contemplate several factors.

Rules to Break

Don’t be afraid to break the rules. Consider omitting storage in this room or significantly reducing it.  Try an unusual layout and build on the natural architecture of the space. If a powder room has high sloped ceilings or a niche, use that space to help accentuate your design. Select a dramatic wallpaper that you wouldn’t use in a larger space. A powder room will primarily be used by guests, so storage, layout or other functional concerns may not take precedence. 

Powder Room Lighting 

Make sure to be intentional about your lighting choice and consider the drama your fixtures provide. Most powder rooms don’t have a lot of natural light, so it’s important to find light fixtures that bring life to your design and here, especially, create a mood, like with a powder room chandelier. Pendant lights, sconces, or a chandelier are not only sources of light for your space but also can work in tandem with your other design choices to enhance your space.


In this post, we will cover the ins-and-outs of designing a powder room.

  1. The Style it Can Give
  2. Styles to Consider
  3. Rules to Break
  4. Lighting

Powder rooms can have a big impact on the interior design of your home. Use the space to share something unique about you and your family and remember to have fun with your choices and overall design aesthetic! Need help? We love serving Bay Area homes. Contact us!

Our lovely clients, both busy young professionals with kids under five, needed more space and a much-needed update to their home. This was our second residential interior design project with these clients and they wanted more functional, light, bright, interesting and layered spaces. 

What resulted was a home design that had a little bit of everything. In the end, it was mostly a transitional and contemporary interior design transformation. Keep reading to see how this beautiful home project turned out!

In this post, we will cover several aspects of this Bay Area interior design project: in this home remodel, we tackled five key home spaces: 

  1. Master bath remodel
  2. Modern Fireplace Remodel
  3. Pool Bath Refresh

Primary Bathroom Remodel

In the Primary Bathroom our aim was to create a space that used natural elements and was relaxing, light and bright. Natural colors and materials were used to create a space that was functional but layered.

This design and timeless-looking bathroom is also on-trend. Top 2023 bathroom trends that we integrated into this project were integrating more white (the paint), as well as natural tones (such as this vanity and above-the-tub chandelier).

When redesigning the shower area, handmade zellige tile adds texture and color variation creating a light, bright and natural feeling. For the floor, sandblasted limestone provides a cool and warm tone, creating color depth. Our clients love how it feels on bare feet. In addition to this shower remodel, we added heated floors and a custom white oak niche near the bathtub so our clients can enjoy long, relaxing baths and have a place to put their essentials.

Also on trend for the modern bathroom is a spa-feel. This remodeled bathroom definitely gives off refreshing bathroom spa vibes with these added details!  

Vanity Remodel

In the vanity area, we created a custom-designed double vanity along with statement lighting and mirrors to create interest. Not only did this new modern bathroom vanity add lots of storage, but it also helped accomplish that warm feeling. For the vanity backsplash, we turned the zellige shower tile horizontally to add additional texture and interest.

Fireplace Remodel

For the fireplace, we used a dimensional wavy marble tile to create drama. The warmth of the white oak mantel balanced the tiles’ cool colors. Recent 2023 home trends show that homeowners are looking for more light and moody artwork, just like this art piece and remodeled fireplace show!

Pool Bath Remodel

Our clients wanted the Pool Bath to be easily accessible – and at the same time, a space where both their young kids and adult guests felt at home. For this bath remodel, we created a rough and tumble space, being thoughtful with the floor tile. We used penny tile in custom designed stripes, allowing the darker color to cover most of the floor; so dirt and mess weren’t as noticeable.


A fun palm tree wallpaper amps up the design – talk about big time pool vibes! These vibrant hues and bold wallpaper are inviting and so fun, perfect for the pool bathroom remodel. The gold plumbing and accessories give a classy, clean look while the wicker lighting adds another layer of color and texture.

Office Space Remodel

Since working from home is the new normal, it was essential to our clients that their modernized office space was impeccably designed. Considering their space is shared between both husband and wife, we wanted to incorporate a more neutral look. To do this, we designed a zoom backdrop using a fun, neutral wallpaper. Now, they can work simultaneously in style in their remodeled home office!

Our clients were extremely happy with the results of their remodel. Emerson Grace Design takes pride in helping our clients transform their Bay Area homes into a space that feels unique and comfortable and personal. We’d love to help you on your home remodel journey. To book an initial consultation, please reach out today.


In this post, we covered the remodeling work we did for a Bay Area family home. The modern home renovations we did added light, moodiness, as well as warmth to this home with a lot of natural tones. The home renovations we share were: 

  1. Master bath remodel
  2. Modern Fireplace Remodel
  3. Pool Bath Refresh


As we Shelter In Place in our homes, Friday and a cocktail can’t come soon enough! Besides, who remembers what day it is anyway…

What’s the secret to selecting the right bar cart and accessorizing it so it looks great and functions even better? You really only need a corner or small space in your home for a bar cart. It can live in the Dining, Living or Family Room . If it’s in the Dining Room, it’s an excellent way to get more serving space. There are so many options in lots of materials and styles. Here, we’re showcasing three different, all vintage, carts. We also have many resources for to-the-trade bar carts that we can help you discover so reach out to us…send us a couple of pics of the space you’re thinking of and we can make some recommendations. And see below for a great cocktail recipe for your Friday night cocktail!

Happy Weekend!

This wicker bar cart was accessorized for a girls birthday party with cupcakes and lemonade. Bar carts don’t have to be just for bar wares…it’s fun to break it up and use it for desserts or an ice cream bar.

This last cart is polished chrome and has a compact size and shape that it fits almost anywhere.

Please Read More for our latest Vodka Grapefruit Cocktail recipe!

Vodka Grapefruit Cocktail

2 oz Vodka
Juice of 1/2 Grapefruit
Mineral Water/7UP
(I used Citrus Mineral Water)

Fill glass with ice, vodka and grapefruit juice. Top off with Mineral Water.
Garnish with grapefruit slices, cherries and rosemary sprigs.

We are so excited to share one of our most recent projects with you. Our clients have lived in their home for many years and yet they wanted their home to function more efficiently and provide more comfort to them and their guests. First, we developed design boards to convey our overall design schemes and options. Together, we settled on design themes and feels for the entire living space. This included redesigning a fireplace, kitchen, updating a bathroom and included all new paint, moulding, furniture, lighting and rugs. The end result is reflected here in these photos.

In the Living Room we redesigned a more modern fireplace and media cabinet. The views and outside foliage were a central element in our design. Below is a before of the fireplace.

In the Dining Room we selected and installed a contemporary blue wallpaper which influenced the color scheme in the open Dining and Living Room. We installed the wallpaper only in the Dining Room which is elevated above the Living Room. Next, we changed out moldings, repainted and redesigned a new fireplace surround with a media cabinet above. For a before and after of the fireplace, see above.
In the Powder Room, directly off the Family Room, we added a bright plant-themed wallpaper. This home has big windows, views and an inside/outside vibe. This paper ties into that but in a bright, fun, energizing way.

In the Family Room, we added organic light fixtures made from coco beads to add interest and warmth. We flanked the fireplace with matching bookcases to bring the clients collections and personality into the space. Our color palette in this room was influenced by a piece of the client’s artwork that they loved. This room is also directly off the Powder Room so we incorporated the green shade of the wallpaper into this room.

Although the patterns are different on the Powder Room wallpaper and the pillow in the Family Room, they evoke the same feel. We also love the curve of the sectional arm and the table, uniting the two pieces.

In the Kitchen we painted the cabinets, changed out countertops and the backsplash and added new plumbing and hardware.

I’m just back from High Point Furniture Market in North Carolina. Attending the Market is so energizing and exciting; viewing the trends in furniture and interiors for the end of 2019 and beyond. There are hundreds of showrooms and manufacturers and creative talent abounds. Read below to see the top trends I saw again and again.

Shades of Green Everywhere

Whether it’s moss, avocado or hunter green, green seems to be the new blue. Designers and manufacturers are mixing their greens; pairing solids with patterns from different green hues. We saw green upholstery, beds. buffets, rugs, and lots of green accessories.

Blue has been a strong base for color palettes for several years but it looks like green is dominating the color stories going forward.

Rattan and Wicker

Rattan and Wicker were a huge theme for interiors and accessories. Everything from beds, chairs, benches and tables both for interior and exterior pieces. For accessories wicker wall art, trays and lighting were a huge presence!

Curved Furniture

Curved furniture stole the show for this season. Even the lines of cabinets and buffets were softened with curves versus straight lines. The curves make interiors more fluid and relaxed.

If you’re in need of a home update or a whole house project, please contact us today. We love sharing our design expertise and knowledge with our clients and making their homes reflect their lives and families.

Happy Fall,
Stefanie Cannizzo

We tend to gather in our kitchens and having a comfortable functional space to congregate, cook, celebrate, and enjoy family and friends can really improve our homes. While it’s expensive to remodel a kitchen, it’s a must if you’re a cook or have an older home where functionality of your kitchen isn’t what it could be.

I get asked a lot about the most up-to-date materials and products that are being used in kitchens. Clients want to be sure that the expensive materials and design touches they’re incorporating in their kitchens won’t look dated in a few years. Here are some upcoming trends and tips to make your remodel as painless as possible.

Colored Cabinetry

Colored cabinetry is really big now. It used to be that your kitchen cabinets were either white or stained wood. Today we’re seeing bold cabinetry colors from mint green to cobalt blue. All white kitchens aren’t as popular. It’s more common in todays’ kitchens to see mixed colors or darker, bolder colors.

All Stone Countertops

It used to be that if you were redoing your kitchen you’d choose a surface material and a backsplash tile. That is still the case for some projects, but there’s a trend towards a more modern look where the countertop and backsplash is all the same material; usually quartz.

Mixed Metals

There are many finish options for lighting, hardware and plumbing fixtures. It’s so much more interesting to mix it up and choose different metal finishes. Our advice would be to pick a dominant finish and add in a supporting finish. Notice in the photo below the designer chose a gold faucet, the pendant lights are gold and black and the cabinet hardware is black.

Statement Hoods & Appliances

Statement hoods and appliances are very popular right now. The hood is just another place to add your personality and design style to your kitchen, especially when you have a really fancy appliance right under it.

Leather & Wood Drawer Pulls

All the rage, the leather and wood combination really warms a kitchen.

Tips for a Successful Kitchen Remodel

  • Before your kitchen remodel begins, be sure to clear any household items from your existing space. Box up your dishes, kitchen gadgets, cookware, etc. Get a big storage tub to put any items you’ll use while the remodel takes place. Store the rest of the items safely away from the remodel location.
  • Let your contractor know if you wish to donate any of your existing items. In the past, some clients have donated all or a portion of their cabinets, plumbing fixtures, etc. to non-profits like Habitat for Humanity. If your contractor knows that’s your preference, they will take extra care to be sure to prevent damage when possible.
  • Set up a temporary kitchen. Some homeowners use an outdoor space close to their grill or they make freezer meals in advance of the remodel. Consider how you function on a daily basis; where will you make your coffee, breakfast, etc. Do you need your microwave during the remodel? Can you relocate your existing refrigerator so that you can at least store food there? Use disposable plates/utensils so you can keep washing dishes to a minimum.
  • Consider taking a vacation during the remodel. Just be sure you’re available by phone, in case your contractor or designer needs to get in touch. There will be noise, dust and lots of mess.
  • Remember that no matter how well you plan, unexpected things will happen. You might make a change along with way, or there’s an unknown structural issue. Whatever it is, prepare yourself for bumps in the road.
  • Changes to the project scope are sometimes inevitable. Be sure your contractor puts any changes in writing so there is little room for miscommunication.
  • Patience is necessary during a remodel. Cabinets and windows have a long lead time and ordering should be prioritized in the beginning of the project. Countertops can take 2-4 weeks once selected, and are completed once cabinetry is installed.
  • Remodels can be costly and we recommend that our clients budget 10-15% more for any changes during the project. This upfront budget item helps our clients to be ready when budget increases come their way.

Wallpaper used to mean stuffy and old-fashioned, but no longer. I can think of no better way to infuse a pop of color or whimsy into a room than using wallpaper. There are so many to choose from right now, you can achieve virtually any look or design style.

This new wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries is bold and soft at the same time. The large scale really is eye-catching going up the stairs.

Abstract Wallpaper

The most cool wallpaper to hit the streets is abstract wallpaper. It is being developed by artists and it is like commissioning your favorite artist to paint a mural, except that it can be on all 4 or 5 walls!

Look how an abstract paper turns a simple sink and powder room into an unusual space that worth lingering.

Fifth Wall Interest

Which leads me to 5th Wall-paper. Putting wallpaper on the ceiling is another unexpected design trick to create interest in your room. It’s so fun to look up and realize that there’s a color and pattern on the ceiling.

If you’re ready to give wallpaper a try, there are a gazillion options depending on your room, the light, your furnishings and style. It can be overwhelming at first, but stay the course and once you narrow it down, you’re on your way to a re-energized space.

Well, it’s officially 2019 and you may be wondering what that means for house and home. The New Year ushers in some exciting products, colors, textures, and interior design resources we designers can use to make your home more beautiful and reflect who you are.

Curved Furniture

Curved soft seating is back. Back in the ’60’s we had curved sofas and chairs and they’re back softening rooms thereby creating warmth.

Color Palettes

Color palettes are ever-changing and 2019 is no exception. White walled rooms are still a thing but they’re being shown mixed with a richer color palette. Pillows, window coverings and accessories in deep tones like green and red and ochre are making a comeback. Fabrics like velvet in these rich colors create a dramatic statement.


Terrazzo is back! For those of you around in the ’80’s you probably thought you wouldn’t see it’s return, but here it is. You either love it or hate it or maybe you need to get used to it…Either way, it can be used to create beautiful spaces.