Wallpaper used to mean stuffy and old-fashioned, but no longer. I can think of no better way to infuse a pop of color or whimsy into a room than using wallpaper. There are so many to choose from right now, you can achieve virtually any look or design style.

This new wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries is bold and soft at the same time. The large scale really is eye-catching going up the stairs.

Abstract Wallpaper

The most cool wallpaper to hit the streets is abstract wallpaper. It is being developed by artists and it is like commissioning your favorite artist to paint a mural, except that it can be on all 4 or 5 walls!

Look how an abstract paper turns a simple sink and powder room into an unusual space that worth lingering.

Fifth Wall Interest

Which leads me to 5th Wall-paper. Putting wallpaper on the ceiling is another unexpected design trick to create interest in your room. It’s so fun to look up and realize that there’s a color and pattern on the ceiling.

If you’re ready to give wallpaper a try, there are a gazillion options depending on your room, the light, your furnishings and style. It can be overwhelming at first, but stay the course and once you narrow it down, you’re on your way to a re-energized space.