We tend to gather in our kitchens and having a comfortable functional space to congregate, cook, celebrate, and enjoy family and friends can really improve our homes. While it’s expensive to remodel a kitchen, it’s a must if you’re a cook or have an older home where functionality of your kitchen isn’t what it could be.

I get asked a lot about the most up-to-date materials and products that are being used in kitchens. Clients want to be sure that the expensive materials and design touches they’re incorporating in their kitchens won’t look dated in a few years. Here are some upcoming trends and tips to make your remodel as painless as possible.

Colored Cabinetry

Colored cabinetry is really big now. It used to be that your kitchen cabinets were either white or stained wood. Today we’re seeing bold cabinetry colors from mint green to cobalt blue. All white kitchens aren’t as popular. It’s more common in todays’ kitchens to see mixed colors or darker, bolder colors.

All Stone Countertops

It used to be that if you were redoing your kitchen you’d choose a surface material and a backsplash tile. That is still the case for some projects, but there’s a trend towards a more modern look where the countertop and backsplash is all the same material; usually quartz.

Mixed Metals

There are many finish options for lighting, hardware and plumbing fixtures. It’s so much more interesting to mix it up and choose different metal finishes. Our advice would be to pick a dominant finish and add in a supporting finish. Notice in the photo below the designer chose a gold faucet, the pendant lights are gold and black and the cabinet hardware is black.

Statement Hoods & Appliances

Statement hoods and appliances are very popular right now. The hood is just another place to add your personality and design style to your kitchen, especially when you have a really fancy appliance right under it.

Leather & Wood Drawer Pulls

All the rage, the leather and wood combination really warms a kitchen.

Tips for a Successful Kitchen Remodel

  • Before your kitchen remodel begins, be sure to clear any household items from your existing space. Box up your dishes, kitchen gadgets, cookware, etc. Get a big storage tub to put any items you’ll use while the remodel takes place. Store the rest of the items safely away from the remodel location.
  • Let your contractor know if you wish to donate any of your existing items. In the past, some clients have donated all or a portion of their cabinets, plumbing fixtures, etc. to non-profits like Habitat for Humanity. If your contractor knows that’s your preference, they will take extra care to be sure to prevent damage when possible.
  • Set up a temporary kitchen. Some homeowners use an outdoor space close to their grill or they make freezer meals in advance of the remodel. Consider how you function on a daily basis; where will you make your coffee, breakfast, etc. Do you need your microwave during the remodel? Can you relocate your existing refrigerator so that you can at least store food there? Use disposable plates/utensils so you can keep washing dishes to a minimum.
  • Consider taking a vacation during the remodel. Just be sure you’re available by phone, in case your contractor or designer needs to get in touch. There will be noise, dust and lots of mess.
  • Remember that no matter how well you plan, unexpected things will happen. You might make a change along with way, or there’s an unknown structural issue. Whatever it is, prepare yourself for bumps in the road.
  • Changes to the project scope are sometimes inevitable. Be sure your contractor puts any changes in writing so there is little room for miscommunication.
  • Patience is necessary during a remodel. Cabinets and windows have a long lead time and ordering should be prioritized in the beginning of the project. Countertops can take 2-4 weeks once selected, and are completed once cabinetry is installed.
  • Remodels can be costly and we recommend that our clients budget 10-15% more for any changes during the project. This upfront budget item helps our clients to be ready when budget increases come their way.