Well, it’s officially 2019 and you may be wondering what that means for house and home. The New Year ushers in some exciting products, colors, textures, and interior design resources we designers can use to make your home more beautiful and reflect who you are.

Curved Furniture

Curved soft seating is back. Back in the ’60’s we had curved sofas and chairs and they’re back softening rooms thereby creating warmth.

Color Palettes

Color palettes are ever-changing and 2019 is no exception. White walled rooms are still a thing but they’re being shown mixed with a richer color palette. Pillows, window coverings and accessories in deep tones like green and red and ochre are making a comeback. Fabrics like velvet in these rich colors create a dramatic statement.


Terrazzo is back! For those of you around in the ’80’s you probably thought you wouldn’t see it’s return, but here it is. You either love it or hate it or maybe you need to get used to it…Either way, it can be used to create beautiful spaces.