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Meredith Lane

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In the picturesque Meredith Lane project, our clients entrusted us with completing their extensively remodeled home in two distinct phases. Initially, we focused on designing and furnishing the expansive entry, family room, eating area, and outdoor space. Moving into the second phase, we embarked on a full-scale remodel of the primary bathroom, which was outdated and in need of a transformation.

Our team eliminated a large and cumbersome bathtub, opting instead for a spacious shower adorned with handmade dimensional tiles. The bathroom now boasts luxurious limestone flooring, complemented by striking marble countertops and a captivating waterfall feature.

Additionally, we custom-designed a vanity and storage cabinet to enhance functionality. To create a seamless transition between the primary bedroom and the new bathroom, we curated a serene sanctuary using carefully selected fabrics, rugs, and art, harmonizing the entire space beautifully.

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